Why Does He Ignore Me – 4 Reasons

Why Does He Ignore Me


There is no doubt that a woman’s emotional quotient is much higher than a man’s.

Where men think from the brain and give supreme importance to logic, women tend to lean towards the opposite side, that of emotions.

It is no secret that women make their decisions from an emotional stand point and this can often be very difficult for men to understand.

At the same time, men work in mysterious way as well.

At least ways that are very mysterious to a majority of women.

There is no telling why a man does what he does and when he does.

Similarly, women are much better at felling a chance in an emotional scenario.

They can easily sniff out how another person feels towards them.

This is especially true for their better halves.

This is why you often hear women complaining that ‘he is ignoring me’ or ‘he ignores me too much’ etc.

It is because a woman can sense it when her partner is not showing her his full attention.

At the same time a majority of women remain perplexed as to why men ignore them?

Why does he ignore me?

To understand why he ignores you, you have to understand who men are and how they differ from you.

Do not expect them to behave like you do.

Men and women are wired differently and the faster you understand that the better it will be for your peace of mind.

Yet, when a person who you are so close to starts behaving in a weird manner, you are bound to get emotionally affected by it.

It can be very difficult upon a woman when she experiences a sudden shift in his attitude towards her and yet cannot determine an identifiable cause for it.

After all your man is supposed to be your strength, the one that takes cares of you and protects you and for him only to suddenly go AWOL on you can be very harsh.

Leaving you to wonder why is he ignoring me.

There can be a few reasons he is doing that.

1. He has other obligations

The reasons for his radio silence don’t necessarily need to be bad.

Maybe he just needs some space away for himself.

Maybe he is having some trouble at work or perhaps he has taken up a new project that is greatly eating into his time.

Maybe he just wants to wrap up his professional obligations before he can spend time with you.

Similarly, he could be dealing with some family issues or problems that a close friend of his is facing problems that he perhaps cannot talk to you about.

Many times guys just like to focus on one thing at a time till they can finish doing whatever it is they were doing.

At such a time, it is completely okay for him to take his time. Do not be too alarmed over it.

2. He needs space from you

Do you spend all day texting?

Do you also chat on Facebook and email while you are at it?

Not to mention the fact that you call him 5 times a day.

Needless to say, being so attached at the hip with him can lead to him feeling suffocated in the relationship.

Like women, men also need space in a relationship and when they feel as if they are being clobbered, they act out on it in their own manner.

For a guy this could be something as simple as a night out with the boys and not answering the phone or just taking off on a hiking trip to get away from all that troubles him.

In such a case, you need to step off the gas and give the guy some room to do other things that are important to him as well.

Remember, he cannot possibly spend 100% of his time with you.

Give him some space and things will be back to normal soon.

3. He’s upset about something

Very often when a guy gets really upset, he chooses to keep it all bottled in and go silent.

Unlike women, men do not believe in expressing their emotional pain and they’d much rather keep it inside and maintain their macho image.

For example if a man does not like something you say or do, and yet you keep on doing it, then instead of telling you to stop every time, he will simply become cold and not say anything anymore.

This is the worst situation you can put a man and this is why it is very necessary to watch out for such situations.

At other times he must be angry or upset about something that does not involve you at all.

In such a scenario all you can do is offer him space, support and love and sooner or later he will come around and things will go back to normal.

4. He might be feeling jealous

A lot of girls who ponder over the question of ‘why does he ignore me’ do not realize that this could very well be happening as a result of them being careless with their behavior.

Ask yourself this instead- did you act over friendly with a male friend off late?

Is there a new friend in your life who takes up a whole lot of your time?

Did you get a pet that you spend more time with than your boyfriend?

There you have your answer.

Your man is jealous and when men get jealous, they prefer to shut their feelings in and ignore you.

You just need to take more time out of your life for him.

While these are common, easy to handle scenarios, there can be situations where it becomes a bit tricky to find a solution.

For example, he is ignoring you simply coz he wants to end things.

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