Why Do Men Lie? Understanding Men And How Men Think!

Why do men lie to women


Why do men lie to women?

Have you ever wondered about how men think? What goes inside that mind of theirs? Or whether you are even able to understand them, then you are not alone.

A vast majority of women, especially those in long term relationships have pondered of these questions and more for hours. We are all made of same flesh and bones, then should it really be so hard to understand the members of the opposite sex?

After all how are you supposed to have a healthy and successful relationship with a man unless you truly know about how men think?

Most women hold inside them fears that are disheartening and very often keep them away from not just relationships but from the dating scene itself.

At the same time we all do realize the importance of being with someone right, someone who truly understands you, cherishes you and loves you for you are minus all the deceit, lies and mind games.

In a fast paced world like today, where instant messages and Facebook posts rule our world, a most of us suffer through bad relationships and in spite of all the relationship advice and relationship tips that online blogs and women’s magazine keep imparting on a daily basis, most of us struggle with saving relationships.

In reality we do not even know how to fix a relationship or how we are supposed to be improving them.

Stop for a moment and genuinely answer this question – how many times have you wondered ‘does he love me’?

How are you supposed to have a great relationship when you do not even know the answer to this basic question?

After all a great relationship is build in pillars of honesty, trust and the strength that comes from this togetherness. 99% of relationships that go sour happen as a result of doubts, worries and fears that very often result as a part of an immense lack of trust.

The moment these corrupting thoughts come into your brain, they reaffirm themselves rapidly and manifest in the form of a bitter end to a relationship.

These doubts force you into a state of misery where you stop enjoying the relationship and make you feel fragile, weak and worse of all, insecure. As a strong woman, that is the last kind of state of mind you want to be in.

No two human beings are the same and the same applies to men. No two men ever lie for the same reason although their lies can be grouped together in a general manner.

It needs a deep understanding of men and how men think to realize that they genuinely do believe that the reason for their lies are justified. Think about it for a moment, given how men think, that does not seem far fetched at all now does it?

In the initial stages of a relationship or the courting process a man will usually lie to impress you.

Most men really do think that unless they ‘big themselves’ up by lying outright, you probably won’t like them enough to consider going out with them. For a man to be completely honest to you he has to be concretely secure and as we all know, they rarely are.

Most men however are anything but that and they do not believe that they can get a quality, beautiful woman on their own without having to resort to lies.

Apart from lies about their work or their status, they will often tell lies to get you to spend more time with them, eventually hoping that it all end up leading to the bedroom.

Things like ‘I just want to spend time with you and be in your company, I am not trying to get into your pants’ or ‘Sex isn’t the only thing on my mind, I like you for who you are. I am not that shallow’ – Rings a bell? Men simply love to lie but they are truly horrible at it.

While initially this might seem like flattering or even complimentary behavior to a woman, it sets a bad pattern and only leads to problems down the line.

Given how men think, they start believing that telling small lies here and there is the solution to all their relationship problems. As time elapses, these lies keep increasing in size and there comes a point where everything just falls apart, and you end up getting deeply hurt.

How men think?

How men think

As I said above, they truly do think that by lying, they are doing good for the relationship. If it sounds backwards then that’s because it is.

For instance, if you intend to sit a guy and discuss an issue that has been nagging at your bone, then in most cases he would tell a lie, or reply in manners that circumvent around the core topic of discussion.

Why do they do that? Coz they do not want the drama.

For men, any time a woman bring up an issues, it is drama and they would rather tell a lie, that they most probably consider ‘harmless’ and go back to their ESPN and beer.

Men do not like confrontation (unless it is of the physical sort) and believe that by shooing the problem under the couch, they can live without grief and ‘drama’.

Needless to say, as these problems keep piling up, the pillars that strengthen your relationship keep weakening from the base and in due time, your relationship ends up in nothing but a rubble of bad memories.

Understanding men – the flip side

Understanding men

If you look at it from another point of view, the fact that men lie so much is not entirely their fault, although a majority of the blame still lies with them.

From an early age, men are taught to be strong and ‘not cry like girls’. They learn to lie to themselves first and then to the others.

From simple lies to their buddies about ‘how much I score with women’ and ‘ how I can bench press 300 lbs.’ to serious lies like ‘I don’t care about any other girl, I only have eyes for you’ even if they are still thinking about that blonde in a short skirt that they saw walking down the street earlier that day.

Other men insist that they lie, as they do not want to hurt their partner.

From simple lies like saying no to the question ‘Does my ass look big’ to bigger ones like ‘I was stuck late at work’ when they were truly spooning around with an attractive intern with whom he’s probably having an affair with.

They would rather tell a lie than confront the issues in the fear of loosing the relationship.

Given their lack of emotional intelligence, a man does not realize that such lies eventually lead a relationship into ruin. You can lie only for so long.

After a while women can sense these lies and that’s when trouble truly starts.

Honesty does not always get you the result that you want but in the longer run, it is the only way things should be, especially when it comes to building a strong relationship.

Lies may avoid the drama for the present moment but they are totally not worth it in the end. An insecure man is an unstable man and rarely will you find a man mature enough to realize these facts.

What is the solution to it then?

Can a woman ever begin understanding men, how men think and why do men lie?

How do you go about saving your bad relationship?

The first step of this process is undoubtedly getting real answer about why men do that what they do and there no way to get more truthful answers than from men themselves.

Surely your partner will most probably give you answer that benefit his cause, answers that will be far from the truth. What is a woman to do then?

Here is the answer to any man lie

That’s exactly what our research intends to reveal to millions of baffled women out there.

Our is based on an email survey that was sent out to more than 30,000 men in an attempt to look for answer to one pivotal question – What’s the one thing you desperately wish your woman knew about men but could never tell her?

The responses were then consolidated and thoroughly researched through and what came out in the end was not just shocking and somewhat disturbing but most of all, empowering.

Be warned though that this is not like general relationship advice that women’s magazines will dole out to increase their sales.

This is the hardcore truth that contains the answer to all the questions that you have ever pondered over in times of a relationship crisis.

The answers provided in this survey gave birth to a training program and once you have gone through that, you will not only have a better grasp on understanding men; you will instantly be able to tell when a man is not telling the truth.

If you have ever wondered what it will be like to look inside the mind of a man and truly tell what he’s thinking then this is the training program for you.

This is geared especially towards women in an aim to provide answers to the most unnerving questions about your partner that you often find swimming around your mind.

The best part is that this program isn’t based on theories or personal opinion but solely on facts that originated after the research done on personal surveys sent to tens of thousands of men.

It has taken years of hard work to develop this in depth source of knowledge on ” Why do men lie ” and will allow you to achieve a stronger and more intimate bond with the man in your life. No opinions, no speculation – just facts!

Be warned that this no piece of sugar coated fluff material but hard facts that when applied in your personal relationships will completely blow your mind. Check out some of the testimonials below-

“A huge thank you first of all, your ‘Why Do Men Lie’ program has helped me and my husband so much and we are much happier now. I’ve learnt to understand him better and do not judge him for simply being a man anymore. Everything makes so much more sense now. Earlier he would lie to me so that I wouldn’t get upset, but now he tells me pretty much everything without worrying about me reacting. He has said many times that he feels much freer now he never thought that I could get over so many of my issues and that we could ever have such a great relationship where he can truly be himself.”


“Your program has changed my life. I started the lessons last week and this is exactly what I needed to really understand how men think. The section on ‘Why Does He Look at Other Women’ was a bit tough to swallow, but in the end I really felt better! I loved the lesson on confidence. I learnt a lot about the mistakes that I was making in my relationship. I surely have had my share of ’emotional castration’ and I hope that I can use these tools and make my relationship happy again. My man fell in love with a confident woman who always spoke her mind, and accepted him for who he truly was. I don’t know how I lost that. You were right about so many things and my eyes are open again. I am looking forward to the future lessons, and I want to take what I learn and use it everyday. I can’t thank you enough for changing my life, and saving my relationship.”


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