Understanding Men – Why You Fail And How You Can Succeed

understanding men


If you constantly feel as if you are failing at getting a grasp at what your man wants and his numerous moods, then do not fret and be hard on yourself.

Most women feel a grave lack of awareness in understanding men.

When this realization dawns on a woman her first reaction is to freak out followed by the typical questions like ‘why does he do things this way’ or ‘why is he always like this’.

This can carry to the point where you feel utterly helpless and in the end this feeling of helplessness can very often drive you nuts.

You spend hours upon hours, at work and at home, wondering about him and this situation you are in and yet you fail to come up with a solution.

It’s funny how so many women all over the world face the same situation day in and out and no matter how many articles of advice you read in women’s magazines, you are not any closer to an answer. Is there even a true answer to all these problems, many wonder.

Rest assured, the answer is out there for sure and you’d be surprised to know that it is much simpler than you initially thought.

Before it is revealed to you however, you must understand what you are doing wrong first.

male brain
Isn’t what we think about men?

The best way to get better at something is to learn from our mistakes and the same adage holds true for relationships as well.

Forcing him into a corner

Let’s face the harsh truth – this is something women do sub consciously and they do it all the time.

When we want a man to do something we virtually force him into a corner by trying to convince him non stop.

Initially in the relationship, such an approach can work but it only makes the belief of a woman stronger that anytime she needs something from her man, she should follow this approach of non stop convincing.

You know what men refer to it as? Nagging.

Take the opposite example to understand it better.

Women hate it when their man tells them to hit the gym or to work off those love handles.

The most popular retort in such a case is that ‘he should love me for what I am’ and it is indeed a very valid point.

At the same time, don’t you just hate it when he mentions it a few times or tries to convince you by listing the benefits you will get?

As a smart woman, you are most probably already aware of all the benefits but you do not like that he is trying to convince you like one would a child.

Similarly, what makes you think that he likes it when you try to talk him into doing something he has no interest in or has any intention of doing.

Let’s face the reality- you cannot pressure a man into doing something he’s not ready for.

If you keep trying, then he will only run in the opposite direction. Unlike women, men mean what they say and there is no reading between the lines in their comments.

They are in or they are out and once most men decide upon one or the other, they rarely change their mind.

At the same time, this does not mean that you should not talk out things that are concerning you in some way or the other.

It’s important for the health of a relationship to be able to have frank conversations but bringing it up again and again will only make things worse.

There’s a certain way you should talk to a man if you want your relationship to prosper.

Respecting your man

In the world of men, there’s nothing more valuable than respect.

Most men (especially hard working successful men) have a massive amount of self respect and when a woman tries to exert an overt influence and tries to take complete control of a relationship, it brings the fight or flight response out in them- that’s just how men think.

Blame it on genetics and centuries of social programming.

Women on the other hand like to be in control at times and while that is understandable, a smart woman knows when to take control and when to let it go.

Let’s not forget that you are his ‘better half’ and you must instinctively know when to follow and when to lead.

While you taking charge in the bedroom will surprise and please him, you doing the same at an evening out with friends will only infuriate and make him feel disrespected in front of your mutual friends.

Something as simple as continuous commenting on his choice of clothes will put a bitter taste in his mouth.

It’s ridiculous how so many relationships fall apart for the most basic of reasons.

You cannot hold a gun to his head and expect it all to work out. You’d be much better off if you learned how to understand and talk to men.

Understanding men

Forget blaming a man and trying to talk him into something.

There’s one aspect of a man’s personality, that when spoken to, has the potential of eliciting a great positive response to any situation- his ego.

Ego is generally perceived as a negative word in most circles however it is not so at all.

It can be something as simple as giving him credit for doing daily chores or throwing him a few compliments here and there.

Let’s not forget that a man also likes to be taken care of and when you do small little things like driving him to the airport or cooking him a surprise meal, he will appreciate it more than you know and will allow him to open up emotionally towards you.

Remember, men think logically and very often, in practical terms.

Understand this one facet of a man’s personality and you will be surprised how well things go for you.

Practically speaking, there are many different tricks you can employ in your daily communication with your man that will yield you the results you so desire.

Things you can do and say that will compel your man to open up to you much more often.


Curious already? Watch this video to better understand your man.