Text Your Wife Into Bed Review

Text Your Wife Into Bed ebook Review

Who is Michael Fiore?

What makes him such an expert?

Can I really get my wife into bed by using text messages?

Will it steam up our sex life?

Will I become desirable to her again?

Could this be the answer I’ve been looking for?

Who is Michael Fiore, really?

Simply put Michael Fiore is a well-respected relationship expert. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

He is a real person with real advice.

Michael is a very smart man and a coach who teaches people how to utilize technology in order to improve the love life of people in unique ways.

Michael Fiore is able to share his secrets and knowledge by publishing eBooks on important subject matter like his popular, “Text Your Wife Into Bed,” eBook, where he uses a text messaging system to enhance your personal love life with your wife.

Text Your Wife Into Bed Review

Now, that the author has been established, it is important to establish the overall impression of his popular eBook, “Text Your Wife Into Bed.”

This eBook contains extensive and clear instructions on how to lure women into bed through the use of text messages.

The aim is to help men, who might find it hard to get sex from their wives.

It is also helpful to those who wish to have an enticing and exciting sexual experience.

This product comes as a complete package with detailed information as well as practical examples and instructions on how to use short text messages.

It incorporates the use of multimedia including video and audio, in addition to neatly formatted PDF files, to teach men how to cultivate romancers via text messages. It is a proven system that will turn on your girlfriend or wife for sure.

The Dirty Details

This is a special eBook that contains the secrets on how to use text to get women into bed.

Michael pulls from his own personalized experience where a marriage might start out strong with a high sexual drive; however, with time, the desire for sex dwindles and men find it harder and harder to sexually arouse their women.

This incredible program will change your wife’s feelings about you and will cause her to be more intimate in return.

For starters, it can be achieved by sending her a very specific type of message that is short and romantic.

A combination of imagination and feelings can ignite that romantically erotic journey that unlocks her sexual desires.

It isn’t a single text that will achieve this.

The messages are meant to be sent as an entire series, enticing your wife into a specific conversation that should be followed to the letter.

Sending these continuous messages will cause your wife to be conditioned so that she is ready for sex at all times.

The best bit is you can just copy and paste the messages from the eBook directly.

If you are sharp and creative enough, you will be able to see the trend in these messages by their tone and content.

So long as you follow specific guidelines you can create your own series of messages.

Being creative enough to draft unique messages will produce exponential results.

In order to be able to do this successfully, you will need to understand why with time women become less interested in sex.

The guide will also allow you to gain a proper understanding of what’s required to keep the relationship alive.

This will help you initiate the drive and love that used to exist at the beginning of your romantic relationship.

How is the System Formatted?

As apart of the text your wife into bed review here, the system can be divided up into four main steps that are simple and easy to understand and follow.

These four steps are outlined here:

  • Step 1: Arouse your wife’s curiosity by using a “curiosity pivot,” That is meant to strike conversation and get her full attention.
  • Step 2: Make usage of the proper masculine language as it is so dubbed so that you are able to establish that you have lust for your woman.
  • Step 3:  Narrate an erotic story using feminine sexual language in order to properly arouse her for you.
  • Step 4: Create anticipation and excitement for a sexual experience with you.


The Good the Bad & the Ugly

So, what is good about this eBook and where does it fall short?

Firstly here is how it may fall short for you:

  1. It requires an immense amount of determination and dedication, and that can prove difficult at times.
  2. Some people may consider the language used to be too “dirty” due to their upbringings, backgrounds and core beliefs imposed on them by society.
  3. The program involves a lot of texting, which may be boring for some.

However, the benefits of this greatly outweigh the negatives. For instance, some positive points of this eBook are as follows:

  1. The eBook contains practical and clear instructions that are simple to identify, understand and follow.
  2. It gives the reader full power and understanding of your woman’s sexuality in order to aid in maintaining your relationship.
  3. It gives you another lease on life after the romantic fire dies down. This can even save your relationship.
  4. You are guided 100% on what to say, when to say it and how to say it. Therefore making a mistake and causing a problem in the program is very difficult. It is pretty much foolproof.


Summing it up:

So, there you have it. Finally, something that will spark and spice up your romance with your wife or long term girlfriend.

You will able to do as you please and enjoy a sexually exciting relationship with your wife thanks to the Text Your Wife Into Bed program.

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