Relationship Tips That Actually Work!

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‘Gee I could really use some relationship tips and advice right now’ – A thought that has comes into the head of countless men and women who are in a serious relationship. Society expects us to find our perfect partner, be with them and eventually marry them and reproduce.

This is the core concept on which our society is based. You attend school and college to prepare for your professional life however there’s virtually no training provided by our society for being good at relationships.

Sounds odd doesn’t it? This is precisely the reason why many people feel inadequate at having a great relationship and keep wondering if there were some tricks that they could learn to improve relationships.

For most women this means browsing women’s magazines and looking for any ways to spice things up while for men it mostly involves asking their buddies for help over a cold pint of beer.

None however yield much results and that is why many people feel as if they are continually stuck in the mundane cycle of their mediocre relationship.

They feel as if the passion that once ignited this relationship into stratosphere (the courting period for instance) has now dwindled and all that is left now is fights, arguments and bickering.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be so however and by following a few time tested principles of being in a relationship, you too can turn yours around completely. Ready to get started then?

It’s all about the two of you

The reason why most relationship tips fail to work is coz they try to appeal to the senses of one person and how they can benefit individually. That is not at all what a relationship is about.

There are two people involved in this and you need to think of you and your partner as a team. When you are in a serious long term relationship, things can escalate rather quickly.

Before you know it, you have to learn to deal with kids, family members, worry about mixing your circle of friends and sooner or later, real life takes precedence over your romantic life. This is the worst and perhaps the most common mistakes couples make.

While it is important to take care of your kids, do your job well and manage your social life, none of these should be more important than the bond that ties the two of you together.

Family members grow distant, kids will grow up and move away, friends will come and go but the two of you and the emotional bond you share will remain forever, till one of you passes away.

The sooner you start strengthening this bond the better it will be and such a connection will last a long long time and bring the two of you much contentment and happiness.

Do no stop dating…ever!

When you ask others for relationship advice, they will very often tell you to ‘spice it up’. Frankly, not many people really know what they mean by it.

Others take its meaning to extreme and start thinking of all sorts of kinky ways to spice it up in the bedroom. While such a thing can surely help make things better but only for a little bit.

Just ask yourself this – what is the ratio of the time you spend having sex to the ratio of time you spend together doing other things? Exactly.

You need to bring a sense of ‘dating’ back into your lives and it’s a surprise how more people do not do this as it barely takes any effort. It can be something as simple as taking your partner out for a surprise movie date or bringing home some food that they are really fond of.

Send them a naughty text in the middle of the day or a voicemail singing them a favorite song. The ways to do this are many and as you can see, they barely require much money, effort or time. The results are well worth it.

Fight fair but avoid arguments

There’s no faster way to put cracks in our relationship than by indulging in pointless arguments. While there will be moments where you both will fight, you need to ensure that the fight is for valid reasons and not spite.

Do not hesitate to apologize if you cross the line and let go of negative emotions once the fight is over. This can be made easier if you agree to establish a good level of communication in your daily life and agree to disagree fairly at times.

When such boundaries and rules are set, things will very rarely go out of hand. If we were to put it in one sentence then it would be to – Love, laugh and learn – the best way to ensure the longevity and success of your relationship.

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