Michael Fiore’s Secret Survey – Why He Lies Review

Secret Survey Review

Have you caught your man cheating?

Do you wonder why he lied to you? Do you think it is your fault?

Are you to blame? How can you handle such a difficult situation?

Should you ignore it?

What about directly addressing it? Or maybe, work on understanding why he lies?

Do you blame him? Do You blame yourself?

Relationship expert Michael Fiore’s “Why He Lies,” is a thorough guide that helps you comprehend men.

It is known as the Secret Survey due to the fact that it is based on real research when Michael Fiore asked on modest yet ingenious question.

In fact, the entire program is based on a survey sent to men and another one that was sent to women.

It encompasses a ton of philosophies, ideas and exercises that have been developed over the years by Michael in his quest to get men and women everywhere to engage in sexier, connected, better and happier relationships.

The entire program is designed with nine total lessons. In essence, there are two main ways of working your way through these lessons:

  1. Read the PDFs for each one
  2. Download the accompanying Mp3s of each lesson and listen on-the-go

There is also an impressive amount of bonus information including but not limited to extra videos, interviews, testimonials and so much more.

Most impressive of all, the entire program is pasted on scientific psychological knowledge.

The Secret Survey dubbed, “Why He Lies,” demonstrates a simple way to intuitively understand men so that you can predict his next step and know what he wants next.

This is an engaging program that will have you hooked from the very first opening sentence.

Not only does it keep the reader interested, it is filled with excellent information that is applicable to your life and how you might interact with men.

So, what are the negatives?

Just like any product or service, it is not perfect. Some flaws in this guide include:

  1. Although some may appreciate the to the point language used, sometimes it is quite abrasive and can be off-putting. Stating ‘Men are like dogs and you are a bad owner,’ might scare some women off from taking his points seriously due to the dramatic presentation.
  2. Some women are unable to take responsibility for the fact that men will lie and that will seem unfair to those who believe that their partner’s lies are not their fault. Michael will encourage you to accept this fact, but this program is not for those who cannot accept this core belief.

It is obvious that these negatives are not an issue with the product itself but perhaps the person who is reading the content and their preconceived ideas that are imposed on them by society and selective media.

In order to fully understand and appreciate this relationship book, you must open your eyes and take it all in.

You need to be open to new suggestions because, obviously, the status quo is not working if he is lying and cheating on you.

Is that all?

So what are the positives?

With this amazing product there is at least twice as much good and positive, as there is bad and negative.

  1. It is well written and easy to read. The writing style flows and Michael’s relationship expertise does shine through entirely. The MP3s are also great to listen to on the go, so you can gain twice as much progress in your romantic relationship.
  2. Everyday life issues are included with solid answers to questions like, “Why does he not compliment me anymore?” “What does he want sexually?” “Why do men lie and cheat?” this program is designed to answer these questions you may have about your significant other.
  3. It is a very versatile self-improvement guide and one of the best relationship books out there. It will apply to just about anyone regardless of your age, religion or sex. After taking in this book you will be able to take away at least one thing or concept that will help you interact with your man better.
  4. It is also very unique and stands out from others who claim to be love experts because it is built on thorough scientific research and proven logical reasoning.

Being able to hear from a real relationship expert is extremely important.

This helps you become a better you.

For the sake of your man, and most importantly yourself.

It is a good read on logical and psychological thought patterns that make so much sense. You will wonder why you had not thought of it all by yourself.

Is It Worth the Read?

It is direct. Making this book exceptionally refreshing.

It is great to hear from someone who is not only experienced with relationships but, is a true expert in the field.

As mentioned earlier this guide stands out from most others because of how logical and simple it is to follow.

You will never have another negative question surrounding why he lies again, which is sure to help you ignite your love life.

The guide has a ton of amazing and incredible bonuses.

The program is packed from beginning to end with professional data, techniques, examples from real life and methods to understand your loved one.

It will also help you avoid any frustration you may have about why men lie; the guide will logically explain it all to you in a way that is easy to understand and comprehend.

This guide will lay it all out there for you.

This comprehensive “Why He Lies” review should be all you need to try out the program and read the book yourself.

It is most definitely worth the 200-page read or listen if you are using the MP3s!

If you value your relationship, this guide is definitely your friend.

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