Importance Of Learning How To Read A Man

how to read a man


Ask any woman if she knows hot to read a man then you will get a mix bunch of responses.

There are those who claim that men are an open book and it is no big task to know what they are up to.

Others will confidently claim that they know their man inside out.

After all no woman wants to claim that they do not know men. In reality though, it is very rare to find a woman who truly knows men and knows how to read a man.

You might think that you know what they are thinking or what they want but in most cases, it is very likely that you are wrong.

You’d have a much better chance of coming up with a solution for world hunger than you have of understanding how your man or any man for that matter thinks.

Men have different relationships goals than women have and the only way for you to understand them would be if you had the same goals.

Since that is such a rare occurrence, your abilities of how to read a man are probably flawed.

This can often present problems and create a sense of uncertainty especially in the initial phase of the relationship.

Just by judging his actions and words, how can you tell whether he really likes you or is his goal merely to get into your pants?

This situation gets more intense as you get into a relationship with him. What is the sub communication behind his actions?

That itself can keep you wondering for days.

For example, he bails on two consecutive dinner dates.

Does not pick up your call every time.

Goes AWOL for a few days every now and then.

What does all this mean?

Does he even like you or are you just a casual fling for him?

Importance of knowing how to read a man

Apart from getting to know certain things for yourself, the importance of knowing how to read a man goes far beyond that.

Sure knowing him and how he behaves allows you to be certain about how he feels towards you, but more importantly, it allows you to make him act like you want him to act.

Maybe your boyfriend isn’t sure about where your relationship is going. In such a case most women would try to talk it out, or express her sincere feelings to him but we all know how men are.

For them, the importance of emotions isn’t as much as it is for women.

They believe in the logicality of a situation.

If however, you knew how to read his thoughts and what triggers his actions, you could easily sow the seeds of an undying commitment towards you.

You could make him feel an immense affection for you.

So much so that he feels the need to act on it and solidify the relationship.

Not only will you be able to show him the better side of things, you would also enable him to bring this happiness into both your lives.

Similarly, a man might have issues with your looks or he might have a certain pet peeve that might be blocking him from taking things up a notch with you.

Men often do not understand that beauty is only a skin deep and they like you for the person that you are much more than they like you for how you look.

It is upon you as his partner to guide him to this wisdom.

But how are you supposed to do that, if you do not even know how to read his mind.

Triggering his emotions and making him commit

Imagine if you could make your boyfriend commit to you by triggering certain emotions within him.

The best part is that possessing the ability to understand and elicit these emotions within him has far more benefits than that.

Any man desires a woman who can inspire and motivate him to being his best self and you can’t be expected to do that unless you understand him well.

One of the reasons women fail to do so is because they are always thinking about themselves.

Their wants, their desires, their own happiness and their own emotions.

It is only by shifting your attention to your man can you learn how to read him and then use it to make your relationship better.

You can do things for him, have a great sex life and have good fun times with him but none of that has the ability to penetrate on a deeper emotional level.

You cannot expect him to commit to you if you cannot elicit such an emotional reaction within him.

Building an exciting relationship

The start of a relationship is mostly all rosy.

You are flirting with him, seducing him and he gives you all his love and attention.

With time, you perhaps stop doing that and he feels emotionally isolated and soon the relationship stagnates.

If you want a relationship that has fire and passion then you need to infuse it with inspiration.

You want to make him enjoy your company while also getting inspired by you.

You cannot do that if you focus only on yourself.

Instead you must focus on him, understanding how he functions and teaching yourself how to read him.

If you don’t then you will be at a constant loss on how to predict his behavioral patterns and frustrate yourself when your efforts fall flat.

The secret trick on how to read a man

What if there was a secret trick that allowed you to not only read him like an open book but also allow you to modify his behavior to better suit your relationship.

Imagine how happy that would make you! Secrets that will allow you to –

– Control his thought
– Plant ideas into his mind and make him a sense of urgency on executing them
– Make him feel overwhelmingly attracted to you
– Get him to commit to you
– Get a control on his behaviors and actions
– Trigger passionate feelings inside of him

It truly would be amazing if you had this knowledge, wouldn’t it?

Luckily for you, this vast pot of wisdom is merely a click away.

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