How to save your relationship

How to save your relationship

If you want a relationship that is perfect 100% of times, without any fights arguments or ups & downs then you will be sorely disappointed.

There’s no relationship that is not with its share of peaks & valleys and this is a fact that everyone who is in a relationship must accept sooner or later.

Needless to say, the sooner you accept it the better it will be for your relationship as well as your mental health. On the contrary, the later you realize and accept this fact of life, worse the situation you will find yourself in.

Relationship difficulties

To a large extent, a good relationship is as important as food and water. We humans are sociable animals and when we face difficulties in our relationship, our happiness and emotional health suffers.

Left un-addressed these problems grow quickly in size and affect our physical health among other aspects of our lives.

Before you know it, you begin contemplating leaving or breaking up with the person however in most cases there’s no need to do so as a dying relationship can very often be saved with a little effort.

You can dump someone and start looking for another person but beware of getting rid of people at the drop of a hat. If you think you will find a perfect package then you are badly mistaken.

All people have their own flaws and weaknesses and every relationship requires honest work. You may be able to find someone new who’s perhaps a bit better than your ex, however they are not likely to be 100% perfect either.

You’d be much better off working on your current relationship even if you think that it is one step away from ending for good. How to save your relationship then?

Relationship problems and solutions

To begin saving your dying relationship, you need to start out by understanding the things that caused a problem in the first place. It’s unlikely that your relationship went from hundred to zero instantly.

In such situations, things usually go sour gradually over a period of time and mostly as a result of a bunch of different factors.

This could be something as simple as you becoming complacent and not giving enough attention to your partner, to you feeling as if your partner is trying to control you too much without listening to what you have to say.

To begin the process of fixing it all, you need to ask yourself a basic question- what was it about your partner that drew yourself to them in the first place?

Surely they possessed some qualities that you fond desirable and at that time you knew the great value their personality would bring into your life.

This will give you a base to build on. Further more, you can frankly ask your partner what they love and do not love about you.

Make sure that you listen to them with an open mind and ask them for constructive criticism. This symbolic gesture itself will allow them to see that you have taken the first step and are willing to work towards fixing this relationship.

Relationship communication and communication problems

According to relationship counselors’, failure to communicate adequately is the biggest reason why most relationships fail. One of the biggest mistakes we make while talking to anyone is that we are too eager to speak without being willing to listen.

While that might give us a momentary sense of importance, it does nothing to better our relations with them. Imagine if you listened to someone for the sake of listening and not just waiting to rant away on your own?

Can you see how it would improve your connection with your partner when they realize that you deeply care enough to listen to them out without barging in?

There is always a time to express your opinion or thoughts, however you must give them a chance to express themselves too.

When and how to communicate is important too. You do not want to hassle your partner with tales of office politics you face everyday when they themselves have had a bad day at office.

Similarly, you do not want to argue or nag them as soon as they get back home from work. Choosing the right moment to have a serious conversation is very important.

How to save your relationship?

Well, you need to be willing to forgive and forget the mistakes your partner makes and soon they will start doing the same for you.

Set your personal boundaries and make sure that you do not tread over the line.

Do not let any external voices hamper what you have between the both of you and treat your relationship as if it was still in the courting phase.

When you do this for a while you will see your relationship blossoming again, devoid of any thoughts of a break up.


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