How To Fix A Relationship? 6 Things To Remember

how to fix a relationship

Tips on how to fix a relationship which will help

The reality that many people who are struggling in an unhappy relationship do not realize is that it is much easier to fix the relationship that you are currently in than to go back into the dating world and find someone new to be with.

However, swayed by a wave of negative emotions, we are much more likely to break it all up on a whim than go about keeping a positive outlook. Yet so many people defy this logic and thrust themselves into the unpredictable and harsh world of being single again.

Every relationship is composed of ups and downs and the two people who are a part of that relationship are bound to have some differences with each other.

With a bit of willingness and commitment, you will not only able to get over these problems but you can also make your relationship much better than before.

If you feel like you are stuck in a rut and feel helpless in the situation you are in then read on to learn how to fix a relationship.

Why do you want to let go?

Before wondering about how to fix a relationship, you must spend some serious time contemplating the reasons because of which you wanted to end it all with your partner.

The purpose of this contemplation is to determine whether your reasons for doing so were valid or not. Do you actually have serious problems that will only grow worse in the future or do you want to end it simply coz your partner has a way of thinking that is very different from yours?

What options do you have?

Breaking up with your partner cannot possibly be the only option you have even if you have managed to convince yourself that it is. At times making small adjustments like changing the tone in which you talk to your partner or being selflessly caring can often be the crucial factor in changing things around.

Instead of wondering aimlessly about how to fix a relationship, why not bring about these subtle changes and reap their benefits? If things are indeed way out of your hand and you feel helpless for some reason you can always seek counseling and get an objective, non emotion driven look at things.

Think beyond the present moment

Reading all the books in the world about how to fix a relationship won’t bring any results if you have a preset notion of how things are.

Often times when things seem to be going very badly in a relationship, it is just our internal state that is projected outwards making everything look bad.

Are you irritated with your partner over something? Did they piss you off somehow? Or is the issue really something that you don’t think can be worked out?

To ascertain this, you must ask yourself one important question – can you see your future without them? Do you think your life will be better without the presence of your partner?

It is important to think beyond the current moment and try to visualize the future. Is he or she the kind of person that you want to build a future with? Do you see long term potential in this relationship?

If you do so, then it is imperative that you take a step back from the current state of mind that prevails upon you and think from a future point of view.

Effective communication is the answer

The best advice anyone can give you on how to fix a relationship is by telling you to ensure that there is honest and genuine communication between you and your partner.

For example, if you constantly struggle to gauge the mood of your partner or the tone of their communication when you talk over text messages then it’s better to restrict your serious conversations to phone calls and face to face talks.

It is very difficult to judge another person’s words over textual communication and if you try to do so, more often than not, it will lead to a misunderstanding.

It is also very important to be very honest in your conversations with your partner. Sure, reality bites but it’s better put out there than kept inside where it continues to eat at you and destabilizes your emotional state.

What is important however is not go with an intention of attack or argument but with a sincere intent to talk it out. This means that you must keep a check on your tone and ensure that your non verbal communication (body language) is non threatening as well.

Have a big heart and forgive

Keeping a mental tab of the mistakes your partner has made will only make you feel worse. They may or may not realize and correct their mistakes but you for sure will go nuts endlessly running the movie reel of their mistakes through your head.

Similarly, endlessly fighting, arguing and pointing fingers at each other will only lead to more chaos, more anger and eventually more misery for the both of you.

Such a situation can never be solved with actions resulting out of negative emotions. You’d do much better if you were to forgive your partner for their mistakes, encouraging them to do the same in return and resorting to effective communication to talk it all out.

You’d be surprised what the combination of forgiveness and honest communication can do for a dying relationship.

Manage your expectations

This is true for all aspects of your life. If you expect too much from something or someone then it is likely to turn into a bad experience resulting in misery and unhappiness for yourself.

The only person that you should expect too much from is yourself. Work on things you can control than on things you can’t.

Ask yourself this- do I expect too much from my partner? Have I set the bar too high for them? If you have then chances are that this is perhaps the sole reason for your dissatisfaction.

In most cases you do not need to know how to fix a relationship, you merely need to tweak your approach to how you see things and ensure that you are being fair and square with your partner.

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