Does He Love Me? – Question You Always Want To Ask.

does he love me?

Does he love me?

That’s the one question that every woman who has ever been in a relationship has asked herself. In the beginning of the relationship this question comes along with a lot of pleasant feelings. This usually happens right after the courting period when you have been together with your partner for a few months. He’s buying flowers for you, taking you out to romantic dinners and the way he looks at you sends tingles down your spine. It’s everything you have wanted and more and you can’t believe that this honeymoon period lasted so long. He seems like the one and then this question pops into your head- does he love me?

The moment this question pops into your head, a whole lot of possibilities for the future come with it. You start pondering how it would be to be in a committed relationship with this man. You spend your spare time fantasizing about it and it brings you great joy every time you think about this possibility. This sweet pain engulfs you till the day your man has said those three words that you so badly want to hear. Finally you have your answer to the question- Does he love me? Apparently he does.

From here on, this question perhaps doesn’t enter you mind again anytime soon but when it does, it does not bring any joy like it used to. When your man’s attention veers and he seems to not spend as much time with you, you ask yourself once again- does he love me? Worse than that is another question, that anyone who’s been in a bad relationship will be familiar with.

Does he really love me?

Let’s explain this by taking a hypothetical example. Say he’s spent the weekend over at your house and all you did was roll in the sheets, slow dance to Jason Mraz and sip on wine while calling each other sweet nothings. He cooks for you, pampers you and most of all he tells you that he loves you. As you are left beaming in the center of your own circle of happiness, you realize that you have not heard from him in two days apart from a random text here and there.

You blame it on his busy schedule but when your calls to him go unanswered and he blows off the Thursday night date you had planned for him, you can’t help but ask yourself – does he really love me or did he just say that to get in my pants. Sounds familiar? You are not alone as this same thing, albeit with different variations, regularly happens to countless women all over the world.

There can’t possibly be a feeling that is worse than this, you might say to yourself. Sadly there is another feeling raised by yet another similar question that can make you feel lower than a person who just lost his winning lottery ticket.

Does he still love me?

This often happens to people who have been in long term committed relationships and it usually happens when you least expect it. If you have been with your man for 3 years, things couldn’t possibly be better. You have an active social life and common friends. He still takes you out for an occasional date and throws you surprise birthday parties and apart from an occasional disagreement, this ship is sailing smoothly.

Then comes one day when you realize that he has been spending an awful lot of time at work even after his work hours have ended. He soon starts cancelling in on your social engagements and seems to behave in a nonchalant manner. His behavior seems exceedingly reckless to you and he doesn’t give two hoots about answering back to you in a condescending tone.

You start thinking about what the love and relationships column in your favorite magazine had said about relationship communication. How you should confront your man and talk out the issues that nag you in your head. You read up on ideas of how to improve your relationship and the best relationship advice available on the Internet. And then one day you open the boiling pot and ask your man ‘what’s wrong’.

Chances are he will blow off the subject or try and change your topic. You talk and prod but your man won’t budge. It’s the classic case of communication breakdown. What is a healthy relationship after all if not one that has constant honest communication between partners?

A few weeks of this nervous anxiety and that dreaded question pops into your head- ‘ does he still love me?’ this leads you to a lot of insecurity, fear and anxious thoughts where you even start doubting yourself and whether you are doing something wrong. Chances are that you probably are not, however the prospect of losing a long term relationship can drive anyone nuts. There’s also an overwhelming sense of helplessness as you realize that a relationship that you had worked so hard for and a relationship that you were so desperate to turn into a success is about to fall apart and you really do not know the reason why.

You start asking yourself if there was anything you could’ve done that was wrong. You run things over and over in your head and try to figure out what was it that you did wrong, that your man has become so cold towards you.
Was it your fault? Could you have done something to avoid this situation?

While it probably wasn’t your fault why things went sour that way, chances are that perhaps you didn’t understand some tracts of your partner’s personality and once you overlooked that, everything went to the dogs. At this stage, instead of trying to figure out whose fault it was or if you are to blame, you’d be better of with an in depth knowledge of understanding men. However when it comes to this, most women are left bewildered – After all when it comes to love and relationships, who can tell how men think?

The number one reason for most relationship problems

One of the main reasons why most relationships run into problems is the fact that men are reluctant to be honest and talk about an issue plaguing their relationships.

They’d rather avoid the ‘drama’ and lie to get out of a situation that they consider difficult or one that involves them coming out emotionally and indulging in honest communication. Apart from having the common yet inexplicable fear of intimacy, men also have a huge tendency to lie, which is a surprise coz they are absolutely terrible at it.

While they might get away with lying once or twice, it does not take a sensible woman much too long to see through these lies. This eventually leads to a lack of trust, a build up of securities and before you know it, cracks start appearing in your relationship.

Why do men lie? That’s a question that many smart women have tried to answer and much to their dismay, this elixir of truth has evaded them so far. Some men lie to avoid confrontation, some men lie because they do not want their partners to know about something they are doing while other lie as they believe that they are protecting you. As ridiculous as it sounds that’s what they really believe in. Do you see now how difficult it is to get inside the mind of a man and understand how men think?

A man will not think twice when lying about where he was last night. Even if he was out on a pub crawl with his friends, he probably will not tell that to you and make up some excuse in the fear that you’d get mad at him for not spending time with you. Their brains are wired differently and they do not understand that a strong woman, such as yourself, appreciates honesty above all else.

Things get much worse when he starts making up excuses and lies to hide an affair that he’s having on the side and if a woman is to avoid that unfortunate situation, she needs to get an understanding of the male mind as quickly as possible. Since men and women are wired differently, it’s almost impossible for a member of the fairer sex to go about understanding men on her own. The only true answer as the ones that you will get straight from the horses mouth, but what do you do when your partner won’t talk about it openly to you?

This is the reason why we have decided to go for our survey. What is it about it you ask?

We asked thousands of women one question- if you could see inside a man’s mind, what is the one thing that would really want to know?  Then we sent 30,000 men an email survey that had one question that they all had to answer- what is the one thing that you want your wife or girlfriend to know but would never tell her?

Then researched and compiled all those results and came up with answers to the ” Does he love me ? ” question. This exceptional program contains answers from men that a woman could never get out of the man in her life. This program is aimed at women who want to achieve a happy and healthy relationship by getting better at understanding men. It teaches you how to improve your relationship, how men think and contains perhaps the best relationship advice that you’d ever wanted.

Be warned though that this is not for the faint of heart as this is no sugar coated theoretical ‘advice’ you’d read in the dating columns of women’s magazines. This is the brutal truth and as we know, the truth often can be a bitter pill to swallow. This does however give you true answers to questions that have nagged at your for years. Questions like why he doesn’t compliment you anymore to why he looks at other women. This is not an opinion piece but a research study based on nothing but hard facts.

As you go through the program new realizations will dawn upon you and you are sure to have more than one ‘a ha’ moment. Just take a look at the testimonials of some women who have gone through this program below: –

“I just love this program. Think this information needs to be read by every woman in this world since most of us have absolutely no clue how different to us men are. If you are an over analyzer like myself, then this has fill so many gaps that you just couldn’t fill yourself. It wasn’t until I started to properly understand men by reading this program that I properly started applying dating advice.”


“I have really enjoyed this program. I went away with my sweetheart this week and I had loads of opportunities to talk to him about things that were mentioned in this program, including all the information and the insights into sex. His responses were nothing less than interesting. He’s 54 and I’m 50 years old and he admitted that much of what I mentioned would have been somewhat true for him when he was younger, but he said that in the last 5 years his idea about sex has become a lot more about the emotional connect and slowing down the whole lovemaking process so that he’s fully present and he believes in really listening through touch. I can’t help but wonder if he’s unusual or whether many men become that way as they get older?  I could not be more honored and thrilled to have such an amazing, loving, smart, communicative, generous man at my side.”


As a part of this program you get access to a member’s only area simply by paying a one time fee that carries a 60 day refund policy. This member’s area has an intensive 2 week course and provides you with lesson in audio, video and text format. You also have an access to a message board where you can communicate with not just the author but also with other woman who are going through the program. This support system alone is worth the fee of admission.

So if you are interested in learning how men think and get a better handle check the video here!