4 Ways Of Avoiding Divorce

avoiding divorce


While the specific details and problems of all divorces cases are rather unique to their own circumstances, it is remarkable how in most situations of divorce, the underlying issues are uncannily same.

One spouse ignores the other or their emotional problems and once it continues for a long time, it leads to disenchantment, unhappiness and eventually, resentment.

This is usually followed by constant arguing, fights, shouting matches and in many cases, domestic violence.

Before you know it one of the parties has declared an end to the marriage and they want to move out and seek a separation.

Very often this comes as a shock to the other person who took all this squabbling as a part and parcel of marital life.

Suddenly the ground beneath their feet is shaking and they are overcome by a sense of panic.

Everything they worked for and believed in has broken down when they realize that their marriage is one step away from falling apart and that there is no way of avoiding divorce.

Whatever happened to forever and always?

If you are currently encountering such a situation then know that you are not the only one who feels this way.

At the same time, there have been people who have been through situations worse than yours and have still come out with their heads held high and in many cases, with their marriages intact as well.

Even in the face of an impending divorce, it is totally possible to save your marriage and live to see another day.

But a smart person knows that the fixing process starts the moment you smell the stink of the first issue arising in your marital life.

Even if that point is well past in your case, do not be disheartened as things can still be fixed no matter how bad they have gotten to be and avoiding divorce is still a strong possibility.

First of all, start by believing that you can save your marriage and work hard towards avoiding divorce.

Understand what is going on

You cannot possibly find a solution to a problem if you do not understand what you face.

Even if everything looks bleak, remember that every situation has a solution.

You just can’t see it yet.

Start by figuring out where the problems started.

Was it an argument?

A hostile action on your part?

Did you ignore your partner or deeply insult them in some way?

Was it some sort of a disagreement that you took too far, jarring them emotionally in the process?

Many times these things lead both the partners to a point where either refuses to back down from their stand and get caught in a mental headlock.

At this point, both of you want to ‘win’ and it’s more a matter of stubbornness than what is right or wrong.

Such poisonous emotions can quickly crack up a relationship and you need to move quickly to fill these cracks as fast as you can.

If after constant pondering you realize that the fault was yours then do not hesitate to admit it and ask for forgiveness.

This will gain you much respect and admiration in the eyes of your partner.

You’d be surprised how quickly they soften up.

If the fault was his or hers, then talk to them in a calm non judgmental manner in an attempt to uncover the real issue.

Many times arguments are not really about the problem as it looks from the surface but about deep issues that lie underneath.

Remember, effective communication is key here so do not delay it any further.

Never stop putting in the effort

Even a little lack of effort on your part can make your partner feel insecure, unwanted and unsure about what is going on.

Marriages are not made in heaven but are made by hard work.

Whether it is 6 months into the marriages or 6 years, you should work hard to make your partner feel special, wanted and loved.

The more you do it, the more they will be inclined to do it back for you and you will end up with a happy relationship.

Use your words for appreciating your partner and what they do for you but most of all, let your actions speak louder than your words.

Look your best, be your best and most of all, make them feel their best.

With such effort in place, you will never go near a situation of avoiding divorce.

Stay committed

Such is the nature of us humans that even the most exciting of things get boring after a while.

You buy a new fancy phone but in a couple of weeks get bored of it.

The same goes for that amazing video game that you had been wanting to buy for months.

What makes you think a relationship is any different then?

Instead of getting bored with your relationship and making the mistake of an extra marital affair, choose to spice things up in your own home.

An affair won’t provide with you anything more than a little bit of instant gratification.

Ask yourself, is it really worth the pain and the misery a divorce will bring?

Stay committed to your partner and work with them to make things exciting between the two of you.

Take them on a weekly date to get away from the monotony of marital life, try new things in the bedroom and most of all, learn to surprise them when they least expect it.

You hold the strings

The power to make or break your own relationship lies in your own hands.

If you work hard and pay attention to the things mentioned above then you can have a great marriage, avoiding divorce in the process.

Ignore them for a prolonged duration of time and you will find yourself facing your worst nightmares.

Whichever outcome you choose rests firmly in your own hands.

Improve yourself as a person mentally, emotionally and physically, start to love yourself and arouse in yourself a keen will to strengthen your bond with your partner.

As you can see, avoiding divorce really isn’t as difficult as it sounded in the first place. Need a help? Click here!